Shimna's debut EP "Whitmarsh" is now available on CD.

Four tracks containing over 19 minutes of music for only $10 at any of her gigs, or send Shimna an email to order one (or more). Expect to add $5 p&p (in New Zealand).

Here are the sleeve notes (PDF)

Shimna says:

This is a studio recording of songs and tunes I performed at the Invitation Concert, Auckland Folk Festival 2015, sponsored by Heron Studios for winners of the Martin Blackman Award. I'm supported by Caleb and Aine, who played at the concert, and by Jono, who kindly stepped in when Aine had to go overseas. I hope you enjoy.


Here is one of the songs from the EP, performed live at Auckland Folk Festival 2015

Here are two sets of tunes, the second set is on the EP

Thanks to:
Devonport Folk Music Club, sponsors of the Martin Blackman Award
Heron Studios for providing the studio time and expertise
Auckland Folk Festival for being there as long as I can remember
My teachers Rosana Fea (violin) and Jono Lonie (fiddle)
Charlie Montgomery for keepng the Whitmarsh violin for me
Liz Carroll and Jamie McClennan for their tunes and kind words